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Dental Care for Children in Campbell and Los Gatos, California

Get expert oral care for your teens, children and infants in the pediatric dental offices of Dr. Rabitz. We have added new staff and are eager to accept new patients from the Los Gatos and Campbell, California, areas. We make the dentist experience fun and relaxing for young people, so they can keep smiling even while their smiles are being brightened with a comprehensive cleaning, exam and X-ray.

We recommend twice-annual checkups for any children who have teeth or who are one year old or older. Unfortunately, we have seen cavities in children as young as 2 years old, and 25 percent of all children have had at least one cavity by the age of 4. However, we know that cavities and the pain and risk that go along with them are preventable.

Once we’re finished checking your child’s teeth, gums, mouth, throat and tongue, we can discuss whether any further treatments such as cavity removal are necessary. We may also want to discuss preventive treatments such as sealants for permanent molars and fluoride supplements. Fortunately, the water that comes out of most household taps in the Los Gatos and Campbell areas is treated with fluoride already. If your children drink bottled water, however, let us know so we can discuss the best solutions for your family.

Visiting the Dentist Can Be Fun

Many people have learned to fear the dentist because of old-fashioned drills and other frightening treatments, but at the Dr. Rabitz pediatric dental clinic we specialize in helping your kids enjoy visiting the dentist instead. We use stuffed animals and child-friendly language to describe every procedure and show how our tools work, and we even offer kids the chance to watch movies or TV during their checkup.

We also want to motivate kids to have a clean and healthy mouth every time they return, so our experienced staff has devised reward programs to keep them motivated. After just one bi-annual appointment with no new cavities, your child can enter an annual drawing for a bicycle. After four cavity-free visits, they can earn a free T-shirt to show off how successful they have been. For children ages 9 and older, we offer a program where they can sign a contract to brush twice every day and floss every night for three months. If they complete their end of the deal, they get a silver dollar at their next visit.

Teaching Parents to Teach Their Kids

Good dental hygiene starts at home, and we love to help parents better understand how they can teach their kids good oral health habits. We explain how they can start using tiny dabs of toothpaste and soft brushes with their infants as soon as teeth begin to show and how to brush a child’s tiny teeth thoroughly without causing pain or tantrums. We also discuss why twice-daily brushing is important and offer advice to parents about how to encourage it, and we remind families about the importance of healthy diets and avoiding excessive starchy food and sugar.

In addition, we can answer your pediatric dental care questions regarding things like when baby teeth are supposed to grow in and how to help your child through the often-painful teething stage, what to do when baby teeth start falling out, what to do in the case of toothaches or accidents that damage the teeth, and how to handle situations that arise when permanent teeth start to grow in before all baby teeth have fallen out.

Call our offices in the Los Gatos/Campbell area for an appointment today or fill out our appointment form online. You can also fill out new patient forms or make changes to existing forms right on our secure website, and after your appointment you can pay all your bills electronically.