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Getting your kids to brush, and regularly too is not easy. It’s a world of too many distractions, so that’s not surprising. And maybe speaking to your kids about the dangers of cavities, tooth decay and all that aren’t working. It’s 2017! You can go techie and get it done. The average kid starts using the internet at the age of three and they now get their first smartphone at ten. Need more reasons?

Why You Should Introduce Your Kids To Dental Care Apps

• You May Forget

The American Dental Association recommends brushing twice a day for two minutes. But what happens when you’re not there every day or can’t be there 365 days a year? These apps do a great job reminding you and your kid it’s time to brush.

• It’s Fun

These apps come with different tunes and games that make brushing interesting.

• There Are Incentives

Kids love to play. But brushing seems like work. The games make the work fun. Your little one can win stickers, badges and even win trips to fun places if they use these apps.

Ready to find out more about those apps?

Great, then let’s start.

#1: Chomper Chums

This was developed by United Concordia Dental and helps your kid learn the right brushing techniques for maintaining healthy dental hygiene.

Chomper Gums App

Your kids get to choose a character that plays along while brushing. There are three characters to pick from, an alligator, a horse and a lion.

Chomper Gums Android

The recommended brush time is 2 minutes and there’s also space for names. Protip: Step up the fun by asking your child to pick a brushing nickname instead.

Every time they’re done brushing, there are lots of points to be won.

Chomper Gums Points

And your kids could be on their way to the Philadelphia Zoo.

zoo tickets

Look at more exciting features

Exciting Features

Get it for Android
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#2: Tiny Dentist

Developed by Gametects in Poland, Tiny Dentist brings out the dental hygienist in you. If you’re having problems getting your kid to see the dentist, then you’d love this app.

Tiny Dentist App

She’d choose from different tools so they wouldn’t look scary again when she sees them in real life.

And there are so many tools. Your little one would be able to fix cavities, extract decayed teeth, brush and floss the teeth of the digital patients, stop bad breath and even put on braces.

The graphics are just perfect for your kids

Tiny Dentist Features

It’s so easy to see why this is a must have.

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#3: Brush DJ

Dr. Ben Underwood partners with the British Dental Association in Brush DJ. It plays two minutes of your kid’s favorite music from your device or the cloud.

Brush DJ App

So your child can show off those dance moves while brushing

Brush DJ was developed by a real life dentist and allows you set brushing and flossing reminders.

Brush Reminders

You can even get your kid prepared for an appointment with the dentist

There are also how-to videos on the proper ways to brush and floss the teeth.

How to Brush

And so many other features

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#4: Toothsavers

Input a little bit of fantasy in your kid’s brushing routine with Toothsavers. It tells the story of an evil sorceress who afflicts everyone with cavities leaving Tooty and the Toothsavers with no option but saving the teeth of everyone in the kingdom.

Toothsavers App

Your child would get used to the two minutes recommended brushing time because she’d have to scrub all the diseased characters in the same time.

And as she brushes her own teeth twice a day, she’d unlock a new toothsaver. Doing this for 30 days sets her up with the evil sorceress.

Tooth savers Screenshot

And look at other bonuses

Toothsavers Bonuses

Toothsavers was developed by Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives.

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#5: Disney Magic Timer

Your kid’s favorite Disney Marvel characters should encourage them to brush longer. Yep, that’s why you should get this app. He gets a sticker after completing the two minutes of brushing and there’s a calendar to track everything.

Disney Magic Saver

But there’s a little system to it. You’d need to have a Crest or an Oral-B Pro-Health product for the app to work.

From Cinderella to Hulk, there are lots of Disney characters for your child.

And you can save to an external storage too.

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#6: My Bright Smile

Developed by Colgate, it teaches dental health in several steps.

My Bright Smile App

The 2-minute brush timer comes with a brushing song that guides your kid daily.

Maybe she’s scared of visiting the dentist, there’s a section for getting used to the tools she’d find there and why they don’t hurt.

How to brush? Why she should floss? My Bright Smile takes care of that.

And limit their cravings for sweet with the swipe the sweet feature

It’s just a complete package for giving them a confident smile.

My Bright Smile

Get it on Android
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#7: Denny Timer

Developed in partnership with dental health experts, it discourages kids from rough brushing. That’s the kind of stuff that gets their gums cut without cleaning anything.

Denny Timer App

And it has tutorials for the electric toothbrush too.

Great user interface, helps them brush for two minutes, twice a day and reminds them the day after.

Denny Timer iOS

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#8: Heroes of Hygiene

Give your child a brushing hero with this app. It runs on something called the “2-2-2 Rule” that reminds her to visit the dentist twice a year, brush and floss twice a day for two minutes.

Heroes of Hygiene

There are great sounds to up the fun and she’s got four heroes to guide her. Captain Molar, Enamel Girl, Max Floss and Pearly Whites.

Captain Molar

Get it on Android
Get it on iOS

Get any of these apps and make brushing a lot of fun for your kids. And hey, no app can replace professional dental information in any way. So get a dentist if you have any questions.

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