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Pediatric Dentist Services in San Jose, CA

To keep your child’s teeth and gums healthy for life, schedule visits with our San Jose, CA, dental team by the first birthday and every six months thereafter. Regular dental visits can help spot cavities early, remove plaque and tartar buildup to prevent a variety of oral diseases, and check for any signs of medical trouble or potential future issues such as crooked, impacted or gaping teeth.

It’s important to us that your child has a good experience with the dentist to establish a habit of regular visits. We strive to build trust with each child, and we ease their fears by showing them how our tools work and explaining what we’re doing, and then letting them relax and watch movies while we clean and examine their teeth.

Our child patients can also participate in contests that encourage good personal dental care, including earning a free T-shirt for four checkups in a row with zero new cavities and a no-cavities drawing for a brand new bicycle.

In addition to checkups at the Dr. Rabitz pediatric clinic in San Jose, CA, we recommend bringing your child to the dentist with any unusual complaints of tooth pain or, for older children, if permanent teeth start coming in before baby teeth have fallen out or become loose. We also treat patients for jaw pain and teeth whitening, and are happy to work with veneers or to give second opinions.

Why Should My Child See a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists treat children exclusively, and we have between 2 and 3 years of specialized training after dental school. That extra training focuses on real-life experience with kids as well as child psychology, development and growth. We treat infants through adolescents, and have special procedures in place for the services your child may need such as sealants, X-rays, treatment of cavities in baby teeth and dental care during orthodontic treatments. We understand how kids think and feel, and we tailor dental care to suit their needs.

In addition, our focus on infant and child dentistry means we can teach both parents and children how to keep the child’s teeth healthy. We will discuss brushing and flossing, how much toothpaste to use and what kind, how to take the proper amount of fluoride and how to know if there’s a problem. We will also discuss when you can expect all the baby teeth to come in, when they will fall out and how to cope with that, and when to expect permanent teeth.

Having good oral hygiene is important for general health, and keeping an eye on oral care is a good way to spot problems such as diabetes early on. A healthy smile is also important for your child’s future and self-esteem, and we can help. Schedule an appointment today in our kid-friendly, stress-free offices at 1600 Willow Street, Suite 250, in San Jose, CA, 95125.