General Anesthesia 

Comprehensive dental care under general anesthesia may be indicated for children with severe dental fear or anxiety, children with extensive dental needs, and/or children with mental or physical special needs. In our office, general anesthesia is performed by a trained, licensed anesthesiologist that uses an IV to induce unconsciousness. We only work with Medical Doctor Anesthesiologists (M.D.) who are both specialized in pediatrics and board-certified. With this treatment option, all treatment would be completed in one visit, and your child is able to go home the same day. We understand what a privilege it is for families to entrust their children in our care, and we follow the highest safety standards to ensure our families have a professional and caring experience. Our doctors and staff will help guide you every step of the way, even after your child is cavity-free! We want to ensure all our patients continue to have a lifetime positive outlook on their oral health.

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