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COVID-19 Update

While many things have changed, our commitment to providing your family with the best care possible remains the same. The Santa Clara County Public Health Department has given dental offices permission to reopen. We are closely following guideline updates from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), American Dental Association, and the California Department of Public Health in order to keep you, your families, and our Team safe.

We want to let you know about the changes we are making to our office protocols to keep everyone safe. We have always held ourselves to an extremely high standard when it comes to infection control and standard precautions, and now we will be increasing our measures. These are some of the changes we will be implementing.


  • When you arrive, we ask that you wait in your vehicle with your child until a staff member comes to invite you into the office.
  • We are staggering appointment times and reducing the number of patients per day to minimize traffic in the office.
  • We will be screening everyone for COVID-19 symptoms, including you, your child, and our Team, prior to arrival at our office and before entering the clinic.
  • We will take your child’s temperature and the temperature of any accompanying adult who enter our clinical area to ensure that everyone is entering a safe clinical environment.
  • We are requiring masks to be worn for any persons entering the office. If possible, please wear your own masks for you and your child.
  • It is preferable that only your child come in for their appointment; however, if your child is very young or anxious and needs a parent present, we will allow one parent. At this time, we unfortunately cannot accommodate additional individuals into the office (including a second parent, siblings, etc.)
  • We will supply a mouth rinse to be used by your child prior to any dental procedure. If your child is too young to spit, this will not be required.
  • We will ask your child to use hand sanitizer upon entering the office. Our toothbrushing station has become a handwashing station as-well!


We have installed barrier guards to separate you from our front office Team.


  • Checking out will either be done remotely by phone or through the barrier with our Team with no contact.
  • We will be using modified PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), including N95 masks, gowns, full face shields, and additional eye protection. We are dedicated to maintaining an approachable and friendly appearance for our younger patients so our face shields are clear and masks are colorful.
  • We have new HEPA air filtration units in placed discretely in each room that will cycle the air completely and remove 99% of all virus particles in minutes.
  • We have temporarily removed all magazines, toys, and other items from the office to prevent cross-contamination.


As always, our instruments are sterilized after each use, or discarded if disposable.

  • The disinfectant we use is EPA-regulated and kills viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens in 1 minute.
  • For patients in need of treatment, if an alternative treatment method exists, we will not be using aerosol (fine spray from dental handpiece)
  • At this time, if an aerosol procedure is taking place, we will be requiring a COVID test to be done as close to the day of treatment. More information on this will be discussed during scheduling.


We are ready to see our families! Please understand that our new protocols are being implemented to protect the health of you and your children, as well as that of the other patients in our office, our team, and any public with whom you may come in contact. In addition, if your child already has a scheduled appointment in the next few weeks, we may be calling to adjust your appointment time in order to keep up with social distancing. As always, if your child has a dental emergency or is in pain, please give us a call to let us know.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns and please stay connected with us through Facebook our website, email or phone. These are trying times for all of us, but together we will come out stronger.


Dr. Rabitz, Dr. Suzy, Dr. Lam, Dr. Chanel, Dr. Helen and Team

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