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12/9/21 Los Gatos Location-I have taken my two children to LG Pediatric since my baby girl was ONE!! She barely had any teeth but as a first time mom I didn't want her to go through what I did as a kid and only have bad experiences. I wanted to get her used to the dentist so she could be comfortable. She has had great experiences cracked two baby molars and had to get two "Princess" crowns.

Now my sweeet lip tied, Spider Man loving two year old son is a patient. He laughed almost the whole time at his cleaning... He got nervous but did let me hold him while the dentist quickly cleaned... kinda. But it's a start for him!!

Covid has made us reset the way we introduce our kids to doctors and dentists. This team is an ALL STAR team and make my kids feel safe- even though they are covered head to toe with protective gear. My heart, they do a great job.

Amanda Fein-Tower

11/16/21 Willow Glenn Location-Dr. Rabitz and his staff could not be more professional and friendly. They know exactly how to communicate with young kids and to engage with them so they feel comfortable and not scared. For instance, my four year-old daughter was worries about the dentist chair leaning back and Dr. Rabitz immediately said that wasn’t a problem and he checked her teeth sitting up. He also helped explain to my two year-old son why he would need to stop using his pacifier in a really kind way that my son repeatedly refers to. The office is also incredible about scheduling appointments early in the morning and in the early evening so that working parents can squeeze in dentist visits for the kids. I could not be happier with the experiences we’ve had with Dr. Rabitz and his team and I highly recommend him to anyone with kiddos.

Julia Spiegel

Dr Suzy is the best! The office is incredibly clean and they are taking all the precautions against Covid. All dentists and hygienists are in full protective gear.

My newborn had a lip tie that needed to be removed in December 2020, they cleared out the office so I could bring him in safely during the pandemic.

They are all great. Highly recommended this office for your kiddos.

Kate de Ciutiis

Always make you feel welcome and comfortable. A great place to take your child for great dental Heath service!

Earl Johnson

What a great experience for our baby girl’s first trip to the dentist! Dr. Suzy was kind, patient, and informative - and all staff members were very helpful!

Kailani Joy

I took my son to see Dr. Suzy for his first dental visit, and she and the whole team made it a great experience for him. They didn't push him and didn't do any unnecessary cleaning or dental work on a toddler. Dr. Suzy even did the examination with him sitting in my lap so that he would be more comfortable, and they had lots of toys he could play with while we talked .

Sim McWain

My children love going to the dentist and have healthy teeth, thanks to Dr. Rabtiz.

Dr. Rabitz and his team are great!

We love Los Gatos Pediatric Dentistry! Everyone is kind, helpful and knowledgeable. Dr. Chanel is wonderful with the kids as well as us, the parents. Thank you!


100% happy with this office, doctors, and staff. So helpful, kind, and informative.


Dr Rabitz and his staff do an unbelievable job here. They are great with kids, very kind, welcoming and also educational. They all made my 9 year old very comfortable and she enjoyed the whole experience!
Facilities are clean and looks like state of the art equipment. We needed a referral for an orthadontist and we had them faxed within 10minutes. Very impressed


Dr. Chanel is amazing! My son is 3years old and never sits still but Dr. Chanel is calm and nurturing she makes going to the dentist easy. He sat through his 1st cleaning with Sandra and exam without moving. Sandra was great as well. She showed him the items she would use to make him feel comfortable. Also helps that they have tv above to distract.


Dr. Rabitz and his staff are engaging, friendly and informative. My kids don't dread seeing the dentist! In fact, they are motivated to take better care of their teeth because of the relationship he builds with them and they don't want to disappoint. Everything is top notch including the office, technology and staff.

Jennifer C.

My two kids (5 and 2 yrs) had an excellent first visit to Los Gatos Pediatric Dentistry. They did a great job taking x-ray images of my 5 year old's teeth and managed to make my 2 year old feel comfortable enough to give his teeth a good cleaning. I was very impressed!

Robin O.

Dr. Suzy and her team are the best!! The staff is friendly and efficient and the office is immaculate. You know you're at the right place when all 3 kids love to visit the dentist!

Avery K.

Drs. Rabitz and McCreedy are both amazing and have an uncanny knack for getting a 3-5 year-old to open her mouth! Gina is also fabulous and the way she explains things in "kid speak" and remains patient yet persistent made our visit today the easiest ever - even got x-rays of that tiny mouth! Thanks to everyone, including the caring staff!

Sarah M.

The staff is amazing and works so well with kids. I felt very comfortable and my son listened very well. Excited to be at a dentist who understands kids and I don't constantly feel like they are an inconvenience.

Erica S.

My almost teenage son has been going to Dr. Rabitz since he was 4 and we have had a great experience all throughout. Dr. Rabitz and his colleagues are great with kids and they are always on time. Appointments are quick and the Dr.'s always make time for the parents at the end to ask questions. In addition, their offices in Los Gatos and Willow Glen are very modern and easy to get to with lots of parking. I highly recommend LG Pediatric Dentistry.

Kylie H.

Everyone is great—very patient with our kids and they do a good job making them feel comfortable. Dr. Chanel is also awesome. She really explains things and walks you through the details which we appreciate.

Racquel M.

I’ve been in the orthodontic industry since 1997. I was referred to this office by a well trusted colleague and also a neighbor who takes her 2 children here (were new to the almaden area). Our previous dentist couldn’t schedule my 2 kids after school until late November. I needed to try to get them in sooner. I was thrilled LG Pediatric Dentistry was Able to see patients Later on Monday’s. We saw Dr. Chanel today who was lovely, they saw both of my kids, did X-rays and cleaning in under 45 minutes. She is from UCLA Pediatric Dentistry Dept., top rated school and also served on faculty there which is really admirable and not easy to get that placement. It was like it was meant to be and the staff is really friendly, bright new modern office, but with a personal touch. Nicely done. We’ll definitely be transferring to this office. I was very impressed.

Julie Y.

This was our second time visiting Dr. Suzy for our routine check ups. We moved here from Michigan alittle over a year ago and loved our previous pediatric dentist. This office cane highly recommended and we definitely saw why. Everyone is very welcoming and super nice. The environment is very comforting to children and fun as well. My boys especially love the tv screens and their chairs. Dr. Suzy was very thorough in her review of each of my boys. There has not been any unnecessary work recommended which can always be a worry when switching dentists. Overall the feeling at the clinic and with the staff is just spot on.

Jamie G.

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