The key to preparing your child for a lifetime of essential dental care is by creating a positive environment at the dentist’s office. Scheduling the first dental appointment when your child is one helps them get used to the process. They will have a fun, no-stress visit where we count their teeth, give them detailed explanations, and provide motivational elements. Our pediatric dentist knows how to ease children by working with them at their own pace so that they won’t feel overwhelmed.

Children get a tour of the office and a demonstration of the dental instruments, so they are familiar with them when it’s time for an examination and cleaning. We build trust by being honest and letting them know when a certain procedure may feel different and helping them through it. 

Don’t Wait – Schedule your Child's First Dental Exam

Add a reminder on your calendar to schedule a dental visit around the time of your child’s first birthday. Positively talk about the dentist and educate your children on the importance of good oral health. For more information on helping your child understand dental care keep browsing our site or give us a call. We look forward to you joining our dental family!

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