Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist for Your Child?

Parents may be surprised to learn that their general or family dentist typically doesn’t work with young children. While many family dentists have a good approach with children, they may not have the tools or time to treat kids with the patience and gentleness they need.

This can make visits stressful for children, leading to dental anxiety. Some children may become so anxious that they need sedation even for routine treatments. Therefore, it’s important to make your child’s early visits a positive experience.

A pediatric dentist specializes in working with young children. Our team is equipped to handle their unique needs, and we can take our time to help your child feel comfortable and safe with their treatment.

Providing a Relaxing and Fun Experience

The team at Los Gatos Pediatric Dentistry and Dr. Rabitz Pediatric Dentistry have the expertise and understanding to care for all kinds of children. We offer gentle dentistry delivered at your child’s pace and provide a range of sedation options when needed.

We view our patients as extended family and treat both children and parents with respect. Our dentists listen carefully to your concerns and customize treatment plans to meet the needs of each child.

Specialized Dental Care for Your Child 

While most children can be treated by a family dentist, some may require the expertise of a pediatric dentist. Strong-willed kids may refuse care, and children with special needs must have a dentist who is experienced in creating personalized treatments for these unique young patients.

Dr. Rabitz, Dr. Suzy, Dr. Lam, Dr. Chanel, Dr. Helen and Dr. Carolynn are specially trained and experienced at working with all types of children. Make sure your child gets the care they need in a positive environment. 

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